About Bliss

Bliss Weddings and Events of Atlanta is about making

Unique Memories for a Lifetime.

Elise Ann Woodward founded Bliss Weddings and Events of Atlanta in 2005 out of a long passion for weddings.  The love for weddings and events started when she was 10 years old.  Her parents gave her a subscription to Bride's Magazine after writing it down on a Wish List, no less than 5 times(!!).  She would tear the magazines apart and saving her favorite dresses, table decorations, flower arrangements and cakes.  From there she would go to the gardens and make her own flower arrangements.

This love for weddings also came from both of her grandmothers.  Mary Helen Hearn, maternal grandmother, was a renowned cake baker and decorator in Georgia.  Her paternal grandmother made gorgeous wedding dresses.  So you could say that weddings are in her blood.

Elise loves getting to know the couple and making their event match their style and passion.  Every wedding is meant to be as unique as the couple it is for!