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What We Do


At Bliss, our mission is to give each of our clients One Perfect Day. Whether it is your wedding, your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Quinceañera, or birthday party, the opening of your very first art gallery, or your company’s launch party, Bliss Weddings and Events of Atlanta will deliver the event of your dreams.

From event design to vendor management, Bliss Weddings and Events of Atlanta will handle all of the detail and nuance that goes into producing a one-of-a-kind, exquisite event, and you and your guests will experience the bliss of a polished, fun, and expertly executed event.

At Bliss, we take pride in connecting with our customers and delivering the event that their hearts crave. While we handle the budgets, contracts, timelines, vendor negotiations, conflict resolutions (Yes, we’ll even have a chat with your future MIL), what is always most important to us is making sure that you, our client, have the day that you deserve.

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We also offer optional floral services for your events.  Mention 'Blooms by Bliss' when contacting us for more information. 

What You Gain

  • Event designed with creativity, skill, and focus.

  • An advocate who will protect your vision and put your wishes first.

  • Better venue choices

  • Competitive vendor prices. (We know what the real bottom line is.)

  • Someone to keep track of every contract, agreement, and timeline while you enjoy your event.

  • A Manager who will keep the ceremony running efficiently, will make sure the Photographer takes all of your ‘must get’ photos, ensures guests know ‘when’, ‘how’, and ‘where, and that the DJ plays your playlist (not his demo.)

  • The blissful moment you walk away from your event knowing it is a night you will never forget.

What You Avoid

  • Losing your vision in a hodge-podge of pretty Pins and ending up with an incoherent design.

  • Defending your choices while many (too many) well-meaning people offer their opinions.

  • Getting your heart set on a venue that won’t work.

  • Overpaying AND negotiating in vain

  • Missing out on priceless moments while you worry about the fine print.

  • Answering the same question a million times, keeping track that you keep everything moving while chasing Photographers and DJs to get what you want all while you try to have just a bite to eat.

  • Ending your event knowing there are hours of breakdown and cleanup ahead of you.

Say Yes To...

Resist the urge to DIY and ‘say yes’ to expert planning.


Our Events

A glimpse into a few of our favorite events:


The Latest


Meet Elise Ann

Elise Ann Woodward is an Atlanta native and founder of Bliss Weddings and Events of Atlanta. With over 15 years and hundreds of events worth of experience, Elise Ann has made it her life’s mission to produce elegant, unique, and exquisitely managed events for all of her clients.

And, as we say in the South, she comes by it naturally. Elise Ann’s grandmothers were artisans in the wedding industry; 
her maternal grandmother was a renowned wedding cake baker, and her paternal grandmother hand-made custom wedding gowns. With that kind of talent in the family, it’s safe to say the creativity, elegance, and excellence run in Elise Ann’s blood.


Elise Ann’s favorite part of her work is getting to know her clients and connecting with them to deliver their unique dream. Whether that means a casual, intimate, backyard wedding, a fantasy fairytale ceremony under stars, or a luxe corporate gala, Elise Ann thrives when turning her client’s hopes into an immersive event that they, and their guests, will never forget.  


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