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Something old, something new......

"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in your shoe" is a traditional English saying that is often associated with weddings. It is considered to bring good luck to the bride on her wedding day.

The saying originates from an old English rhyme, and each item represents a different aspect of good fortune for the bride:

1. Something old: This item symbolizes continuity and a connection to the bride's past. It can be a family heirloom, such as a piece of jewelry or a handkerchief, passed down from previous generations. It represents the bride's family and the life she had before marriage.

2. Something new: This item represents optimism, hope, and the bride's future with her spouse. It signifies a fresh start and is often something the bride purchases specifically for her wedding, such as a new dress, shoes, or accessories.

3. Something borrowed: This item is meant to symbolize borrowed happiness from a happily married couple, typically a family member or close friend. It represents the support and love from others in the bride's life and is believed to bring good luck to her marriage.

4. Something blue: Blue is traditionally associated with fidelity, love, and purity. The bride can incorporate something blue into her attire, such as a blue ribbon, a blue garter, or a blue piece of jewelry. It represents the bride's commitment to her future spouse and the faithfulness in their marriage.

5. A sixpence in your shoe: The sixpence is an old British coin that was once given to the bride as a symbol of wealth and prosperity in her future life. Placing a sixpence in the bride's shoe is believed to bring financial security and ensure the couple's future prosperity.

These items are often given to the bride by her family members or close friends, and they are meant to bring good luck, happiness, and a long-lasting marriage to the couple. While the tradition may vary in its interpretation and implementation, it is still a popular custom followed by many brides today.

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